Myanmar Investment: Managing Environmental and Social Risks


2018年3月1日にMyanmar Investment: Managing Environmental and Social Risksを開催いたしました。

日時:2018年3月1日 14:00-16:00


For the last few years, Myanmar has been considered as a market with high potential for development. Due to the nature of this frontier market, risks from environmental and social issues are abound, leading to delays, cost escalation, and reputational damage. Increased awareness and interest in environmental and social risk can lead to heightened visibility, even when local EIA procedures are followed correctly. Having worked in Myanmar for over 20 years and a local office in Yangon, members of both ERM Japan and Myanmar will share some of our key learnings of the market and practical steps that can be taken to avoid common risks in developing projects locally. Our speakers will also share real experiences of supporting multinational clients navigate environmental and social obligations required by the Myanmar Government and international financiers supporting local development.

1. Briefing on ERM Myanmar, Some Key Project Highlights, Trends in Myanmar Looking Forward including Gas to Power, Coal, Infrastructure
2. ESG Investment and Myanmar
3. Permitting in Myanmar, Key Lessons and Risks
4. Case study on Gas to Power in Myanmar, including Key Insights into Stakeholder Engagement