TMT Capital Growth/ Investment in Asia: Environmental, Safety and Social Risks and Opportunities


2018年12月6日にTMT Capital Growth/ Investment in Asia: Environmental, Safety and Social Risks and Opportunitiesを開催いたしました。

日時:2018年12月6日(木) 16:00-17:30

ERMのアメリカ、サンフランシスコ・オフィスから、Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)の北米地域のリーダーであるAlison Druryを迎えて、セミナーを開催いたしました。

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector is making major investments in capital projects in Asia including office and retail real estate, submarine cables, data centers, manufacturing facilities (supply chain), and logistics warehouses.  The investments are taking place in multiple Asian geographies where existing environmental and safety regulations are not fully understood, and the social and culture norms are new and often very different to those in the TMT’s domestic market.  Environmental, safety and social awareness can also be low and pose significant potential risks particularly from the use of engineering contractors and local suppliers.  Additionally, developments in cities are often “brown field” and may present asbestos, soil, and groundwater contamination risks.  Alison’s briefing will examine how the risks in the lifecycle of a new development can be mitigated and opportunities maximized to create value as the project moves through the planning, investigation, permitting, construction and operational phases which are typical of project development. She will also discuss modern issues currently impacting supply chain management and the importance of corporate sustainability reporting (CSR) to investors and consumers who place great importance to disclosure and best business practices.